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The Craigmore

Offers luxury suites for rent in Halifax’s popular Rockwood neighbourhood community. 1 Craigmore Drive resides one block from the Armdale Roundabout and the Northwest Arm just off Joseph Howe Drive, one of the most desirable areas of the city. Close to downtown, but not in the hustle and bustle of the Central Business District, and close enough to the 102 highway to avoid major delays in getting out of the core of the city. Within walking distance to the shopping malls and grocery stores, this building is ideally located.

The Craigmore has a very unique and exceptional building design for a residential high-rise building. Its shape provides character to the units that house it and an interesting living experience for those that choose to call it home. Residents will enjoy first-class amenities, large suites with great views and a premier location nestled away in the woods.



The Building

Located in one of Halifax’s most popular and exclusive residential areas, The Craigmore is a 16 story building offering stunning panoramic views of the Northwest Arm, Ashburn Golf Course and everything in between. Though you are living in the heart of the city, it certainly doesn’t feel like it when you are looking out on such amazing natural beauty.

The Suites

Our beautifully finished suites at the Craigmore are comfortable, stylish and fully-equipped, so you can enjoy your life in the building. People say you don’t need cooling in Halifax because the summer is short. Those people haven’t been paying attention. Each unit has a built in heat pump to provide air conditioning on those hot summer days when sleeping can be difficult.


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